9. Recognise the media’s promotion of harmful gender stereotypes and tell others about it

Watch this short clip by Miss Representation about the impacts of gender stereotyping for women and men. Send this clip to a colleague, friend or family member and share with them the main message you took from this clip in relation to violence against women.

The short clip from the Miss Representation film contains language and advertising images that sexually objectify women. These images may be distressing for some viewers.

If you are distressed by these images and require support, please contact Women’s Health West (ph: 039689 9588), Western Region Centre Against Sexual Assault (ph: 03 9687 5811), or call Lifeline (ph: 13 11 14), for referral and counselling support.

How does it help?

Gender stereotypes serve to maintain discrimination, unequal power relations between women and men, and problematic gender identities around violence, dominance and control (UN Women 2015). The media is a key perpetuator of harmful gender stereotypes. Fortunately, the media is also a powerful vehicle for promoting gender equality and preventing violence against women, through portraying women and men in non-stereotypical, diverse and balanced ways, and promoting diverse and healthy depictions of masculinity and femininity (UN Women 2014).

Keep going!

Keep taking action to recognise and challenge gender stereotypes in the media:

  • Watch this video to learn about the impacts of gender stereotypes on young people and children
  • Watch this TedX Talk to learn about how to avoid gender stereotypes
  • Vote with your wallet; boycott films and TV shows that perpetuate gender bias and stereotypes about women
  • Ensure the images and posters at your workplace/sports club/community group do not perpetuate gender stereotypes. If they do – say something about it!

Please note that these clips/articles contain information regarding the topics of sexism, gender inequality and violence against women. If you find the information distressing, please click through for information and support on self care. If you or someone you know is experiencing violence, please visit the our help section for further information and support.